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Unisex Caftan- Irish Stripe Linen

Unisex Caftan- Irish Stripe Linen

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The unisex Caftan a simple poncho style- hemmed on all four sides, and a stitch line up each side that makes a 60" circumference tube to give you ample room to move freely, provided your largest measurement is up to 55". A long keyhole neck  ties with 3 sets of long ties. has POCKETS!

The Tunic Length measures 33" from shoulder to hem, and the Full Length caftan (pictured) measures 53". Stand in front of your mirror with a measuring tape and see if one of those standard lengths suits you. While you're there, check to see how the 46" width will suit you as a sleeve length. Put the tape in the center of your neck and extend it out your arm to see where half that (23") falls on your arm.

Custom order is required, since there's not one currently in stock. It takes me about 2 weeks to sew and ship.

The fabric is a medium weight 100% linen, pre-washed. Machine wash in warm water, tumble or line dry.

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