Regalia's Return Policy

You’ll never have to keep anything that doesn’t work for you, simple as that. And you have two weeks to decide.

When you drop an item from this site into your cart and pay, you are putting in a custom order, and it takes me about two weeks to sew it and ship. Whether the garment is already made like the designs on the “Couture du Jour” page or a custom order that you selected from the “Regalia” or “Bing Bang Boomerang” pages, I understand that clothes have to be tried on and fabric studied closely, and there’s just no way to do that unless I make it and ship it to you. If you don’t like it, you can send it back (at your expense)…I have places where I can sell the item, so I won’t be stuck with it. You’ll get the full price of the garment back.

What I do ask is that you take no longer than two weeks from the arrival of your garment to decide if you want to keep it. In that time, please don’t wear it, wash it, or alter it. After the two weeks, if I haven’t heard from you or received the item I will assume you love it, and plan to keep it…because it’s yours now.

If your garment is perfect, wear it in good health, and be ready for the compliments. If you just have to have another one in another color, but don’t see it on the site, call and consult with me. Chances are good I can mail samples to you or send photos of something in stock that might not be shown on the website.