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Martini Shirt- Jupiter/ Onion Strands Light

Martini Shirt- Jupiter/ Onion Strands Light

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The Martini Shirt is a cool, sport-length retro shirt made of two different fabrics. There are two pockets hidden as pleats in the print front sections- one on each side, one high, one low. The atomic print is 100% cotton, and the solid teal is 55% linen, 45% rayon. Both fabrics have been pre-washed so there’s no need to worry about shrinkage. Machine wash in cold, tumble dry, remove and hang for minimal ironing. We have more fabric in stock, so if you don't see your size listed, drop a custom order in your cart, and message us to tell us which size.

Please check the size chart for help in determining your size. Guys over 6 feet tall should order special Tall sizes (as opposed to Standard length).

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